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I have found a new bar that I thought I would share with all you lovely readers. Well… actually, as much as I like to think of myself as an in-the-know, London Night Owl (Carpe Noctem and all that), I can’t strictly take credit for this one. It was in fact my good friend, the ever charming and ultimate London Party Boy, Henry Conway, who had visited first.  I saw him a few nights later. “Darling, YOU will love this bar. You will LOVE it! It’s going to be your new favourite!” he told me excitedly.

Well, when it comes to these sorts of things, having been to many many parties with Mr Conway in the relatively few years I have known him, I trust his judgement of a good night out implicitly. Despite being slightly dubious about the name, I made a mental note to get down there asap. However, as sometimes happens, life got in the way and it was only was a few weeks later when another friend who I credit for having taught me everything I know about how to judge good cocktails called me up. “I have found this AMAZING new cocktail bar!! You will LOVE it!”

So that was that and I headed down to The Lucky Pig that evening. It’s sure to say that the boys weren’t wrong.

Hidden away in a Marylebone basement is this absolute gem of a find. If someone hasn’t told you where to find it, chances are you won’t. It’s precisely this which gives it the sort of 1920s speakeasy vibe as you walk in. However, unlike many other London bars trying to capture this feel, it lacks any pretence. It’s not difficult to get in provided you don’t turn up too late (they will be at capacity) and aren’t rude. Staff are dressed in accordance with the 20s theme but look chic and not gimmicky. The décor is an accumulation of distressed, mis-matched furniture with vintage chests, parasols and sewing machines artfully strewn about the place. And the expert team of mixologists behind the bar definitely know their stuff!

If you take the time to chat to them, chances are they will remember your name, what you drink and will make knowing suggestions of what they think you might like. “I dunno, give me something yummy” I demanded of Dren, who had been superbly blending cocktails for me all night, after asking me what kind of shots I would like (I’m very helpful like that…). He took a guess and gave me a delicious bourbon infused with apples and berries. Amazing! Never in a million years would I have chosen it, but he could tell what would appeal to my tastes after keeping track of what I ordered. This is the sign of truly skilled bartenders.

But the bit I love most about this place is that everyone here is having a genuinely amazing time! Whether they are throwing shapes on the dance floor with complete unashamed gusto, or cosying up to someone in one of the hidden booths. Will, one of the (rather attractive) brains involved in this project, told me that they tried to create a house party atmosphere every night and he is spot on. No one is here to be seen, they are just here to have a brilliant time with their friends, who have told them about this little secret bar, and drink some bloody good cocktails at one of the best (non) house parties I’ve been to in a long time.

My only fear is that, as word spreads of this incredible little spot, the crowd will change and that some of the magic may be lost. Only time will tell. Until then, you’ll find me at the bar.

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