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As summer approaches we thought we would take the time to give you a few essential summer buys that should set you up for the better weather.

Every year you will have a beautiful sunny day and everybody will flock to the supermarket for BBQ food, disposable BBQ’s, sun cream, drink and more. It is as if it has come as a complete surprise despite it happening every year and the weather reporters giving us good warning too.

By taking a quick look through this guide you should be able to get a head start and be prepared for those wonderful sunny days.

BBQ Essentials

We already mentioned it but it is amazing how many people are caught out and have to settle for what’s left on the shelves after everyone swarms to the supermarkets.

Plan ahead and pick up some essentials like burgers, sausages, chicken, steaks etc and keep them in the freezer. As the weather starts to pick up keep an eye out for decent weather reports then move them over to your fridge so they will be ready for you.

BBQ gas or disposable BBQ’s can also sit in your garage or shed until they are a=called on so don’t get caught short this year.

You can even keep an eye out for good deals on drink and pick up a few boxes of beer or cider and keep that ready and waiting too.

Why waste half your sunny day stuck in a supermarket queue buying things you are having to settle for when you can just get it a bit earlier and enjoy what you actually want.

Kids Entertainment

Paddling pools, water pistols and things like that tend to fly out the door when the weather is good. Why not snap some up and have them waiting for when they are needed. If you are especially thrifty and good at planning ahead you can even buy a lot of the summer essentials as it goes out of season the year before at a reduced rate.

Sun Protection

Sun cream, sun heats and sun glasses should be to hand if you are out in the sun. Nobody likes getting burnt or having to squint to be able to see so get these summer essentials looked out before the weather starts picking up so you don’t end up digging through your cupboards or just giving up and wasting money on new ones.


Summer style can change a bit every year but that doesn’t mean you need a complete wardrobe overhaul. Some items can be recycled time and again and even things you look at thinking you might never wear again could come back into style as the cyclic fashion trends go round and round.

If you are on the lookout for something new be sure to take a look at sites where you can find a bit of something for everyone. Making use of online deals is just one example of how you can save money and make it more convenient by shopping men’s, women’s and children’s ranges as well as picking up home and garden ware. Men’s and women’s fashion deals are easy to find so taking the time to look about can help to save you a good bit of money.

These are a few of the things that you will definitely need but things like speakers for your phone, unbreakable wine glasses, comfortable garden furniture and sun beds could be just as essential for you.

Ask yourself what your dream summer day includes then plan accordingly from what you will wear to what you will eat and drink and everything in between. Be ready for the sun this year, don’t let it catch you out again!

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