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Fashion magazines launch all the time, however, recently we came across one with a twist.

iFashion Magazine is all about fashion online. As most of us have less and less time to get out there and shop, we love to explore sites like My-Wardrobe and ASOS for the best trends out there.

Although we love the high street and getting our hands on clothes, we can’t deny online is the future and it’s nice to see a magazine that recognises this.

Online Editor Debbie Attwood explained that they are not trying to direct away from the High Street but simply provide helpful access and tips for shoppers.

“Fashion online is growing and growing and it is sometimes hard to keep up. There are some great new online boutiques out there and all we are trying to do is help shoppers find them and explore this side of fashion. We also have a fashion passport section where we look at great stores around the world. It makes shopping internationally a lot more accessible.”

iFashion Magazine not only offers trends and news, it promises a directory coming soon to the website, where we will find all our favourite sites as well as the best deals on the web.

Already you can click through from the trends page straight to the product pages on the retailer’s websites – click to buy fashion at your fingertips – perfect.

We will always enjoy flicking through an actual magazine but we are starting to come round to the idea of online magazines too. It gives you the freedom to have them everywhere you go without the bother of carrying a magazine about which can be bulky and heavy.

Another benefit is that you can read brand new issues and articles as soon as they are posted and if big news happens you won’t have to wait for the next issue a month later. Online magazines give us the news as its happening and it is this quick reaction in a fast paced industry that will help online magazines really start to find their place.

There are quite a few could online fashion magazines that can give you some great ideas but we would also recommend taking the time to read through a few good blogs. Blogs aren’t likely to be as professional but they can be brutally honest at times. Another benefit is that they are written by people like us so you can find new products and designs as they find out about them.

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