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For his Fall/Winter 2018 collection, Buckler drew inspiration from anonymous street art. “Street artists have the ability to explore and exhibit their urban surroundings and I wanted to bring that to the collection,” explains Buckler. “Asymmetrical cuts, longer lengths and innovative fabrics emphasise the rawness of the clothes.”

What better way to showcase a street-inspired collection for a decidedly urban brand than to stage a fashion show on an actual New York City street? Last February, the fashion world waited anxiously for the location of his show to be disclosed. Would it be a presentation in one of his New York boutiques?  Or a runway show in one of the Lincoln Centre venues? At the very last minute, word went out to go to the brand’s Soho location. What happened there was pure New York fashion. The brand had secured the necessary permits from the city to close an entire block of Grand Street to stage a “fashion moment,” the likes of which jaded fashion industry types haven’t seen in years.

Minutes later, the fashion flash mob dispersed, the NYPD took up the barriers, and traffic once again flowed at its normal breakneck speed. Seeing such well-designed and stylish clothes walking the very streets that inspired them, and those same streets that they will soon inhabit, was an image that still resonates with fashion editors some six months later — and has no doubt inspired countless photo shoots. After greeting his fans and countless well-wishers, Buckler was off to create his new collection which he will present to the world this month. “I don’t want to give away too much, but the next collection is inspired by the Industrial Revolution,” offered Buckler coyly.

Undoubtedly, Buckler’s next collection will delight his fans the world over and offer both staples for a stylish wardrobe and the statement pieces that fashion types covet. In the meantime, his Fall/Winter 2018 collection is chock full of options to give your wardrobe a dash of Bloke and push your sartorial limits. “The Buckler customer is a forward thinking individual with a classic masculine style,” says Buckler. “He’s not afraid to take risks.”

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